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honey is the perfect sweetener for this strawberry jam.

As our family tries to stay low sugar.
But Jam is one of our favorite ways to preserve all those summer berries.
We have tried several low sugar recipes but you are still adding half the amount of sugar to the fruit.
And as we have honey bees I have experimented with using honey as the sweetener.
it definitely helps the strawberry shine.

Also being a working mom and busy Homesteader.

I like to try to make things as easy as possible so not only am I using honey to sweeten my jam I am cooking it down in the Crock-Pot as well.
The smell like a match made in heaven as it Cooks in the crock pot it doesn’t need as much babysitting so I can get a few other things done like preserving those berries in many other ways.

alright well let’s get started and let me show you how we do it at The Lazy Creek Homestead.

you’ll need 4 cups of of your beautiful summer ripe strawberries, chop your strawberries ( or any other fruit you choice to make your jam with ) into your desire chunks for your jam.
you will also need 1 cup of honey.( yes that’s right 1 cup of honey to 4 cups of fruit.)
and your Crock-Pot or a slow cooker however you’d like to refer to it.
Also some low sugar/ no sugar pectin brand of your choice.
You may needs some canning jars / tops and lids. if you choose to water bath canned the Jam. it could always go right into the fridge or freezer.

4 cup. strawberries cut and desire sizes for your jam.

1 to 1 and 1/3 cup of honey.

one packet of pectin. I used Sure-Jell. the one that is for less or no sugar needed recipes

place 4 cups of diced strawberries into your Crock-Pot. add in it packet of pectin. stir strawberries and pectin well and then I add in 1. cup of honey. then stir all ingredients together to combine. turn Crock-Pot on too high for 4 hours. I stirred once an hour or so to make sure that nothing was sticking to bottom or side of crock pot.

After the strawberry jam has been in the Crock-Pot for 4 hours I placed a small spoonful of the simmering jam on a plate then I put it in the freezer for a little bit and check and see if the the jam has set.

fresh honey
Jam after it’s cooled in the freezer

remove the plate from the freezer than Jam should be in a jelly form not runny. warm Jam will always be runny ,that’s why I cool it down to check and see if it has set.

then if you desire to water bath to can take the warm Jam from the Crock-Pot place it into your sanitized warm canning jars and process them in your canner for the designated time for your altitude.

and that’s it we did it we made no sugar strawberry jam using honey.

it is amazing brist of summer flavor that you can enjoy on way more things than just your average pb-and-j definitely try maybe an ice cream topping or a spoonful to sweeten your homemade yogurt the options are endless.

hope you can enjoy this no-sugar Crock-Pot jam on the coldest of winter days. thank you so much everyone. much love.

summer ripe strawberry

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