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These are some of the hard workers here at the homestead. They are very busy fly around. clearing the land help feed the home.

meet the busy bee here at the lazy creek homestead. We have 3 hives that are hard at work making their new home and enjoy all of the gardens and wildflowers on the homestead to keep them happy and busy. Beehive number one is being lovingly referred to as the Sweet Georgia hive because they were a package of bees that arrived from Mountain Sweet Honey located in Georgia. Beehive number 2 is the Italiano’s also a package of bees that are from Italian stock honey bees. Then we have beehive number 3 which is my new nucleus colony has been being referred to as the New Kids on the Block but no name has been settled at this point. will update!

honey bee frame

The herd

The goats love to play while helping clear the land and put smiles on our faces. In the spring when the kids have made their ravel we know it soon time for the milking of the goats and we can start with making the best kind of cheese!!! who doesn’t like goat cheese! we also make goat milk soap which is so soothing to the skin. we have a herd of 7 goats. with three does their names are Cleo, Andrea and Maple. The man of the house our Buck name is Tim. Then we have our Weathers Emmett and Lou and Little Bill.

Mr. little Bill

Poultry Land

Heritage breed turkey

There is also various type of poultry happily mixing into the homestead, such as geese, ducks, chickens, guinea hens, Heritage breed turkeys and quail. Where they are busy helping the homestead in various ways such as their droppings for gardens, meat and eggs scratching up compost and never lacking in entertainment.

New To The Barnyard this year is to Jersey Holstein mixed bull calf. That are very clumsily and adorably finding their way around the farm. As we are with them. They eventually will be meat for our family and others. but until then we enjoy their absolute cuteness. and the wonderful learning experience that adding new livestock to the homestead brings.

bringing home the calf in the SUV

every other year or so we also try to raise 2 to 4 meet pigs for the freezer.

Of course we had to save the best for last we can not forget our pet pot belly pig Francis who is 100% convinced she is one of the goat. Oh and by the way did I mention she is the herd leader/boss of the whole entire Farm. They all do what Francs does. If you have ever met a pot belly pig you know it can lead to some interesting days. She is a constant source of entertainment and frustration and our day-to-day homesteading life. We couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Hope you have enjoyed our little introduction to our hard workers here at the Lazy Creek Homestead.

When Francis was a baby

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