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This is a wonderful and flavorful version of pesto to add to your family favorite recipes.

Harvest of Basil

one of my favorite things to do with the herbs and greens from my garden is to make pesto.

you can make pesto probably a hundred different ways and that’s one of my favorite things about it all you really need to know is the basic recipe and you go from there.

but one of my all-time favorite versions is the garlic scape onion top pesto the flavors are amazing. the onion garlic flavor with the Zippy flavor of the basal all Blends together magically.

most commonly people use pine nuts and their pesto. but living in a very rule Community sometimes pine nuts are not so easy to find and not the cheapest, so one of my favorite nuts to use in pesto is cashews. cashews may also be one of my favorite type of nut so they are pretty much regularly available here on the Lazy Creek Homestead. but we’ve also made pesto with the traditional pie nuts ,almonds, walnuts and even sunflower seeds. and you can make pesto with almost any type of green anything that you really can think of that will go good with the flavor of Basil, we cannot forget that pesto would not be pesto without basil.

so to make this flavorful pesto you’ll need your handy dandy food processor or high speed blender. measuring cup and a good kitchen knife.

Onion Top Garden Bed

you’ll also need:

1 cup of chopped garlic scapes.

1/2. cup of chopped onion tops

1/2. cup of chopped basil.

cup of grated Parmesan cheese.

1/3. to 1.cup of cashews or whatever nuts you choose

1. cup of extra virgin olive oil .

This recipes makes 2 full 16 oz Mason Jar of Pesto

garlic scape onion top pesto can be used in a variety of different ways.

Including as a salad dressing,(just mix it down with some olive oil and add a little bit of vinegar) It is amazing on and over chicken. you can use it as a sauce for your pizza. and many other creative ways.

I hope you enjoy making your own garlic scape onion top of pesto.

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